Femn Fest 2018 Revisits Downtown Duluth

ABC, 9/22/2018

According to organizers, the festival aims to fuse feminist education with a music festival, both of which highlight under-represented voices. This theme is now spreading across the country as closing the gender gap in the music industry is being pursued.


Feminists unite -- Second-year Femn Fest draws feminist-friendly crowd for music, art, workshops and more

Duluth News Tribune, 9/21/2018

Organizer Abigail Mlinar knew all but about three of the festival's attendees last year.

"This year, not so much," she said.

Online ticket sales more than tripled, she said, then offered up a high-five.


State Rep. Tackles Sexual Harassment With Roundtable

Fox, 8/6/2018

Seven members of different businesses and nonprofits met with State Representative and DFL candidate for Lieutenant Governor Erin Maye-Quade at Duluth’s Building for Women to discuss how they’re combating sexual harassment and sexual violence.


FEMN Fest bringing music and education to Duluth with all-female lineup

MPR, 8/1/2018

When thinking back to last year’s inaugural FEMN Fest, co-producer Abigail Mlinar remembers there being “love in the room every night.” The Duluth festival returns Sept. 21-22 for its second year and includes a lineup of female-identifying musicians, educators, and vendors. It is an unconventional music festival that acts, in the words of Mlinar, as “an opportunity to experience something you never get to experience.”


Women's March redux: What you need to know

LA Times, 1/19/2018

Marchers will step off in places large (Houston) and small (Dothan, Ala.), and the names of the events or their organizers capture the mood of this year's protests, such as the Feminist Action Collective in Duluth, Minn. In Arvada, Colo., there's Arvadans for Progressive Action and in Bloomington, Iowa, the Bloomington Resistance March.

Abigail Mlinar-2.jpg

'Our View: New views for a new year'

Duluth News Tribune, 1/2/2018

The new year brings new viewpoints to the News Tribune editorial board. Two new citizen representatives join today.

The well-known Gary Eckenberg, retired from St. Louis County and a former Duluth city councilor, and feminist and progressive Abigail Mlinar, a marketing professional emerging as a community leader in her own right, take their turns in helping to ensure that the News Tribune's "Our View" editorials are thoroughly and richly considered and from a diversity of viewpoints. Through about mid-summer, they'll serve with Publisher Neal Ronquist, Editorial Page Editor Chuck Frederick, and employee representative Kris Vereecken on the board.


'Women's Activism on Crest of Wave in Twin Ports'

Duluth News Tribune, 1/1/2018


Abigail Mlinar, founder of the Feminist Action Collective, said the group has a number of initiatives planned for 2018, including the 50x25 campaign that seeks equal representation in elected office, corporate boards, management and other leadership roles by 2025.

"If women are 50 percent of humans, women should be 50 percent of leaders," the campaign says. "We are committed to leading Minnesota into a new era of progress, one in which inequality has no place at the table, and women do — whether that table is in our state capitol, our corporate conference rooms, our council chambers, or our county commissions."

Mlinar said the region has the chance to make that happen by making women's voices stand out in 2018 and beyond.

"The Year of the Woman is, to me, about opportunities to see women not as the gimmick/cover model/visually appealing draw to entice someone into male content. It's about hearing women's words. Listening to women's issues. And acknowledging women's work."


'20 Under 40: Abigail Mlinar'

Duluth News Tribune, 9/14/2017

What is your biggest accomplishment? Accomplishment, for me, is strange. The moments of my life that I'm most proud of are things I never had expected would happen — things I "accomplish," but nevertheless feel like accidents. A few of these are: the creation of the Feminist Action Collective, when Tall Ships Duluth was featured in Snapchat's news, making my favorite musician laugh, Don Ness giving me a high five at Homegrown, being on the Take It With You podcast, surviving a kayak flip in rapids, climbing a volcano through mud and getting the highest honor at my high school’s dance team camp.

Three people – dead or alive – you’d like to have dinner with: Prince, Hillary Clinton, my mom.

Five-year goals: Help great women get elected. Make the Twin Ports even more gender equitable. Always feel like I'm growing.



'A festival sorely needed': FEmn Fest opens with mix of music, workshops, art'

Duluth News Tribune, 9/15/2017


And when fest-founder Abigail Mlinar introduced Duluth Mayor Emily Larson during the opening ceremony Friday, she described the city's first female mayor her as her role model.

"You're one of my role models, too," said Larson, who described the event as a "tremendous gift to the city."


'FEmnFEST: An Unapologetically Feminist Festiva'l

Tom Tom Magazine, 9/2017


FEmnFEST is on the verge of being one of the most inclusive and welcoming festivals in the country. I got the opportunity to have a quick chat with Abigail Mlinar, one of the fest organizers, about the process as well as goals for the festival’s first year and beyond.


'Best bets: FEmn Fest, 'Take It With You' goes sci-fi and more'

Duluth News Tribune, 9/15/2017

Get unapologetically female

A first-time, fem-friendly festival — billed as unapologetically female — runs Friday through Sunday and will include music, art, films, workshops and connection.

FEmn Fest, which has a lineup of female-identifying performers, has its opening cermony at 4:30 p.m.


'FEmnFEST on the Local'

KUMD, 9/15/2017

Abigail Mlinar and Brittany Lind, organizers of Duluth's newest festival FEmnFEST, joined Christine Dean to talk about what inspired this unapologetically feminist festival. They talked about why they felt it was needed and about the music and workshops that will be featured during this three-day event.


'FEmnFEST Theft of the Dial'

The Current MPR

Theft Of The Dial with Abigail Mlinar and Brittany Sanford of FEmn FEST.


'First FeMN Fest kicks off Friday in Duluth'

KBJR, 9/15/2017

A brand new festival begins Friday in Downtown Duluth.

FeMN Fest is a music festival that features female artists and woman-owned businesses. 

The lineup includes Haley Bonar and Venus DeMars and 25 other performers. 

Here is the schedule for the festival this weekend: ...


'20 Under 40: Judge's Note'

Duluth News Tribune, 9/14/2017

This year's winners include people like Abigail Mlinar, who woke up on a November morning with an idea to start a group to empower women. Boom: Feminist Action Collective was born; Laura Mullen, who is the point-person for the hyper-engaged Bent Paddle Brewing; and Joe Wicklund, on staff at Marshall School and in the field coaching young athletes.


'FEmn Fest kicks off this weekend with music, art, workshops and more'

Duluth News Tribune, 9/14/2017

Abigail Mlinar was struggling to sleep one night, she said, while the logistics of the first-time festival she created whirred in her mind. FEmn Fest, billed as an "unapologetically feminist festival," had a lineup of female-identifying musical performers and fem-friendly art and workshops, but no one big-name player.



'Things to Do in September and October'

Duluth News Tribune,  8/31/2017


• FEmn FEST, Sept. 15-17, downtown Duluth. Features music, art and workshops. Go to femnfest.com


'FEmn Fest Has Venue Change'

Duluth News Tribune, 8/14/2017

A new feminist music-and-more festival scheduled for mid-September has had a venue change: FEmnFest, which includes music, art, film, workshops, education and connections, will be held Sept. 15-17 at Sacred Heart Music Center and the Center for American Indian Resources.



'FEmn Fest: Local organizers are working first-year female-centric event'

Duluth News Tribune, 6/11/2017


Back at home, Fox met up with Abigail Mlinar, who had recently left her job organizing Tall Ships festivals around the country and is also a founder of the Feminist Action Collective. FEmn Fest, was hatched over coffee. Though the details are still being sorted, the fem-friendly festival is Sept. 15-17 at the Free Range Film Festival barn in Wrenshall and will include music, visual arts, women-owned businesses and workshops ranging from self-defense to yoga to flower crown-making. ...


'A&E NOTES: Horvath leaves Playhouse, FEmn Fest and more'

Duluth News Tribune, 6/8/2017

FEmn Fest launches

The organizers behind a feminist festival will host a launch party for the first-year event from 6-9 p.m. June 8 at the Zeitgeist Arts Atrium. There will be merch, food, a chance to get involved and music by Maddy Siiter and Jerree Small.


'We're paying attention': Local organizations work to keep Homegrown safe for everyone'

Duluth News Tribune, 5/4/2017

A bit of poignant bathroom reading: "Everyone has the right to get faded — Intoxication (does not equal) consent" is a poster Homegrown Music Festival-goers might find in the men's bathroom at participating venues.

It's a reminder from the Feminist Action Collective and Men As Peacemakers to keep the festival safe for all festival-goers. The other version, which hangs in the women's bathroom, shows a sample of a yellow pin that designated "safe" people — available for helping anyone out of an awkward situation — will be wearing. It also lists PAVSA's 24-hour crisis line.

"Sexual harassment is a problem at festivals in general," said Abigail Mlinar of the Feminist Action Collective, which formed in November 2016. "Even in good places, bad things happen. We wanted to do something to participate."


'Women rally in Duluth for equal pay'

Duluth News Tribune, 4/4/2017


Abigail Mlinar, founder of the local Feminist Action Collective, led the rally that featured representatives from 10 local women's organizations. They were also pushing for deeper equalities going beyond pay. If 50 percent of the population is female, Mlinar asked, then 50 percent of its leaders ought to be female too. She called on Duluth to reach 50 percent status in boardrooms, management positions and elected offices by 2025.

"It feels so normal to me," she said, "like everybody should care about this stuff as much as I do."


'Equal Pay Day Rally Held in Duluth'

Fox 21, 4/4/2017


“An eighth grader who I personally love who, at the first meeting for the feminist action collective, said that the issue she most cares about is that equal pay is earned in this world by the time she graduates college because she’s scared to enter the workforce and already be discredited because of her gender,” says Abigail Mlinar, co-organizer of the rally.


'Feminist music festival at A Barn in Wrenshall announced'

Pine Journal, 3/15/2017


Even though the team is Duluth-based, co-producer Abigail Mlinar believes the festival will have a wide draw. 

“We anticipate the backing of the entire state of Minnesota to come enjoy the unique and powerful event," Mlinar  said.


'Pressroom Podcast: Marching in Washington'

Duluth News Tribune, 1/25/2017

In case you missed it, there was a march in Washington, D.C., over the weekend. 

Duluth resident Abigail Mlinar was one of those in attendance. Mlinar, who is also the founder of the Feminist Action Collective in Duluth, shares her experience at the Women’s March on Washington and the journey it took to get there.


'Northland women to march in Washington'

Duluth News Tribune, 1/1/2017


Although some residents are traveling south to St. Paul to participate in the Women's March Minnesota, scheduled for Jan. 21 to coincide with the Women's March on Washington, Abby Mlinar said she was drawn to travel to Washington, D.C., where more than 200,000 people are expected to participate in the march.

Mlinar, the Duluth resident who started the Feminist Action Collective, said she's participating in the march to be among like-minded women. She's taking a bus departing Duluth for Washington, D.C., organized by the crowdsourcing company Rally Bus.

"The march as a whole, for me, is about making sure women's voices are heard, that the world understands that the women group is a strong and powerful group that should be listened to in that, yes, we can accept who our president is, but we don't want that president or the country to forget about our interests," Mlinar said.


'Twin Ports Feminists Work to Send Women to March in D.C.'

Fox 21, 12/12/2016


The event featured women performers, and a suggested 10 dollar donation with all proceeds going to the cause. The goal of the group is to raise 4,000 dollars to cover travel expenses for 10 women.

“We also believe that it’s an opportunity for Twin Ports Area Women who aren’t able to fund it themselves to get some sort of an education in activism,” said Abigail Mlinar, the Founder of Feminist Action Collective.

Big Duck on Snapchat

'The Big Duck takes on the tallest ships'

Snapchat, 08/2017

abigail mlinar tall ships fox 21

'Tall Ships Kicks Off in Duluth'

Fox 21, 8/21/2017


'Best Bets: Live radio show promises Tall ships, booze, shanties'

Duluth News Tribune, 8/11/2016

Big boats and rum will be featured during the 21st episode of the popular live podcast “Take it With You.” The fictional series, which follows the thises-and-thats of a cast of quirky friends, centered around bartender/singer-songwriter Blake (played by Blake Thomas) is a 60-minute musical comedy with interviews of local interest. 

Featured guests are Abigail Mlinar of Tall Ships Duluth and Nicholas Pascuzzi, head bartender at Vikre Distillery.