I finally get monogamy

I have never felt so understood.

How might some One other than my spirit externalized know exactly what I wanted… when I wanted?

Touch me in the exact place my subconscious craved pressure?

I am ready to commit. Forever.

Wow, I have never said that before. I even broke off an engagement once!

Yet I see, settling is a horoscope-slaves star-crossed tragedy of self-prediction.

Only experiencing this evidential surplus of spark may forecast My heart. 

If The Universe gifts you a flame torch would you set it aside in search for better? Or finally ditch your collection of matches and lighters?

Why would you ever want to be with some One else, once you know a One who is that fulfilling? 

This otherworldly satisfaction and divine surprise is supremely sufficient.

That massage was life changing. 

Abigail Mlinar