I’ve helped every employer, and the majority of my clients, set up email campaign systems and distribute content to separated audience segments. Through systems of sales funnels, I’ve grown open rates, click-through rates, and direct website conversion.

In 2018, we grew FEMN FEST ticket sales by 300%, and online ticket sales increased by 10x. This was through the harnessing our email system in collaboration with the social media and press work.

In 2016, the majority of our online ticket sales for Tall Ships Duluth came from our email promotions (other being Google ads, and social media, which I also ran).



Throughout my career I’ve worked on large and small scale projects and gotten substantial coverage for each project while involved. I’ve lived throughout the USA in Los Angeles CA, Portland OR, Philadelphia PA, and Minneapolis MN, and networked with cross-industry professionals to build lasting relationships. My projects have been featured in Snapchat Live, BBC, Time Magazine, LA Times and more. 

I’m keenly tuned in to the greater world, and that awareness has translated into successful social media content and press release topics, such as: an open letter I wrote to Rolling Stone in response to an article Marissa Ross wrote that overlooked work of Minnesotans in favor of larger metros, in which I looped in regional influencers (my Mayor). Or when I designed a Roll Top backpack for Duluth Pack due to the industry trends, and it went viral on Reddit. Or when the Feminist Action Collective participated in Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s international “Stop Telling Women to Smile” wheatpaste public posters. Or countless other moments involving the greater feminist landscape brought to a regional arena.


Set strategies for dozens of businesses to achieve wider company goals, and monitor success through pre-set KPIs, from 2009 to Present.

Strategically fusing social media, search marketing, email, guerrilla, traditional marketing, sales work, events, web design, press, analytics and evaluation; from the ideation of goals to solve company problems, to the execution of each tactic.

Most recently, I’ve grown sales up to 80% year-over-year in top markets, for Vikre Distillery, through a fusion of growth in Brand Ambassadors (600%), traditional sales work improvements, events, email, search, and social media.


My first career started with events. The desire to work in the live art scene drew me to an ex-tour director at a transitory phase in their career. Together we grew a brand of festivals around the United States: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Key West, Duluth. Noticing opportunities to attract broader audiences to our already high-performing “tall ship” events, we coordinated to bring The World’s Largest Rubber Duck to LA. From then on I became the tour coordinator, and marketing director for the Duck. I directed marketing and the coordination of the events. 

After the ubiquitous election, I took my talents to combat gender equity. Specifically, the world was speaking about the dramatic underrepresentation of womxn in music festivals. So I created a womxn-only music festival in Minnesota. In its first year, 2017, a national feminist magazine, Tom Tom, called us “one of the most inclusive and welcoming festivals in the country.” In it’s second year, this September, it grew over 300% in every way: attendance, participation, profits, press.