Can I Write a Love Song to Trump Voters?

I’ve had a really interesting multi-thought spiral-fusion that I can thank our Pres for helping me get to.


The summary of this spiral:

I had been rolling around with my thoughts on today’s visitor (the Pres is coming to Duluth today, flanked by his super fans).

After reading a scientific study recently, these thoughts were fertilized.

Which coincidentally rooted to a deeply pondered puzzle on which I’ve been dwelling. 


Let me lead you through this:

1st, my thoughts on the visitor & his visitors:

We ought not to create separation/division. We ought to find shared humanity. We ought to notice the overlapping values. We ought to love. There’s no room to further separate. 


2nd, the study:

Music is able to synchronize heart beats. * Love is naturally made between folks with similar heart beats. ** 


3rd, the fertilized analysis:

Can we create love in a loveless world (holla, Rihanna) through a certain song? Is this Zoolander’s Relax? Is this Sound of Music’s Edelweiss (pardon the eerily problematic reference)? 


4th, my favorite puzzle:

How can I create an underground advertising/pr agency who’s focus is changing culture and funding progressive values? To take huge liberal dollars and spend them on: Netflix specials that promote the celebration of difference, importance of debate, and effective communication styles; and fund #ad spend on the hip Instagram profile to promote loving thy disagreeable neighbor. Harnessing audience marketing analytics to directly communicate with the swayable Trump voters in subversively digestible ways. Connect the next Totinos Pizza to sponsor the more problematic alternatives to Grace private high school (shoutout Totino Grace class of ‘81) (we don’t need you angry Redskins alumnus, we have JC Penney...). Pay off the YouTube makeup tutorial gals to alter their “you guys” language. Social hacking. Speaking to these people in ways they want to be spoken to; with content that they enjoy digesting. Just like you would with a damn advertising campaign for a new product. But the product is unlabeled feminism. Exported from the matriarchy DBA Kim Kardashian***


5th, the rooted query:

Is it brainwashing to subliminally transition a culture away from the patriarchy? Does it matter? What if I call it Psychographic Social Marketing? Can someone pay me to do this? I mean.. the anti-smoking lobby did it! Why can’t the feminists? I’m pretty sure we can get Tomi Lahren to sell out & use Beyoncé’s “Feminist” stage backdrop. Come at me with your societal problem. It’ll solve it. Come at me with your liberal value. I’ll get it trending. Who wants to invest in the values market?! And which g’dang song will make Trump voters love me?! (I’m partial to The Piña Colada Song.) 




*** or whatever the layperson is paying attention to.. I need to get a grant to do the research 🙄