Open Letter to Rolling Stone & Marissa Moss

Yo Marissa Moss & Rolling Stone,

I’m Abby - a feminist activist in Duluth MN (a city known for it’s firsts (have you heard of The Duluth Model?) & also for it’s Rolling Stone snubs (did you see your colleague, Ana Marie Cox’s article when Trump came to town, or our Mayor Larson’s response?)). 

Marissa, I saw your article yesterday about Brandi Carlisle! 
First, thanks for covering the gender-gap in music. Word. I’m glad you are spreading the word. This shits a problem. We noticed too.
Duluth did it first (we organized an all-woman-fronted festival last year called FEMN FEST - Tom Tom Mag called it “the most inclusive festival in the US”)? 
What’s new! 
Kiddddingg... I’m not that salty. Just wanted to say HI, and thought maybe you’d want to cover us? *fingers crossed* You owe us one!! 

We announced year two of the event a few months back, but just today announced a good chunk of the lineup. Info is in this press release and this video/post.

Thanks for reading! 




Abigail Mlinar 

Abigail Mlinar