My Living Funeral, an Invitation

I am leaving Duluth, and I don’t know when I’ll be back.

I am moving to Barcelona.

And as I prepare for my quick departure, I fear our goodbye (I go on 3 day vacations and leave crying).

This fear could be eclipsed by the fear of what is ahead, and I’ve considered allowing that.. But I wholeheartedly know that even failure is a worthwhile opportunity cost.

So I’ve allowed another phenomenon to eclipse the goodbye with You: The goodbye to Me (chuckle, yes).

Like deja vu foreshadowed, I foresee a markable change ahead.

Unlike the previous anti-animal Abby who now has a cat, or the anti-tattoo Abby who now quirkily bares ink… this identity shift is harder to palate.

I love this Me.

I’m not fleeing the confines of a mired day-to-day. Nor am I running towards the Marilyn, my Norma Jean knows lives within.
I already feel blissfully (naively) self-actualized.

Yet I find this path ahead of me.
Knowing that ignoring it means dismissing universal signs and destiny itself… I blindly follow.

So I sit here, excitedly preparing for this adventure, and grieving the loss of the Me that I love.
And wondering if you’d want to celebrate (or say see you later to, or hug) the Abby That Was, before I leave?
(I’ve decided that an Irish Exit is more selfish than a Living Funeral.)

Change is a fond obligation.

Can’t make it? Submit a review of my existence as a community member in the comments… As with software updates, I accept preemptive feedback.

thank u, next

PS - Vikre Distillery, Emily & Joel, and the Team are some of the best humans around. I loved my job and time there. ¡Viva la Vikre!
PSS - Feminist Action Collective is alive & well.. and, well, hasn’t ~needed~ me for ages.. I’ll forever be a participating member, here, there, and everywhere.
PSSS - FEMN FEST has an update coming - I ask you to stay tuned.

Abigail Mlinar