What the World Needs Now is Sex

What the World Needs Now is Love Sex

An explanation of why/how a Sexual Revolution can cure the ills of Western Culture

I’ll get straight to the point:

What the world needs now is sex.

Yes, love, sweet, love, too. But isn’t "sweet love” a euphemism for sex? 

So, anyway, I’ve made up my mind on a path to the western cultural improvements I so desire*: a new sexual revolution. 

The aforementioned song (which I truthfully gag at) coincidentally came out in 1965. At the beginning of the sexual revolution (not the only, nor the first, but the one most commonly referenced by eponym). 

Before you consider fucking off this fucking salvation theory.. consider my easy-to-follow explanation (a Kama Sutra of World Saving (skip ahead to the 3rd Step if you’re advanced)): 

1st - the successes of the 60/70s Sexual Revolution
2nd - the reasons we need another one 
3rd - the adaptations I’d suggest for our new Revolution 

1st: The Successes of the 60s Sexual Revolution: 

The world was confronted with new information that welcomed (or forced) the population into a mental awareness they previously hadn’t knew existed. This new communal consciousness broadened people’s lens of Normal, and ultimately changed values. Through the grape-vine of media and the gossip power of the taboo, the West was educated, desensitized, and became more open.

This resulted in the following:

  • Women obtained freedom of choice (with less judgement). Stemming from a shift in ideology: “a rejection of a cultural order in which all kinds of sex were had, but the only type of sex it was acceptable to have was married, missionary and between a man and a woman,” Rachel Hills for TIME.

    • Sex & reproduction were no longer conceptually entangled. 

      • Exclusivity of sex (aka ownership of sexual partners) was no longer trendy.

        • Marriage was no longer obligatory & non-married partners could cohabitate without scoffing neighbors. 

          • Divorce! It happens!

        • Taboos of pre-marital / extra-marital sex were ditched.

          • Those pesky gender-related double standards of promiscuity were “evened out.”

    • Married women started having out-of-home jobs with higher prevalence.

    • Birth control! It’s accessible!

    • Abortion! It’s legal! 

  • There is less discrimination against LGBT folks.

I hope we can all agree that most of the above is either fucking extinct, or in need of protection… Not to mention no longer sufficient for eventual equity**.

2nd: The Reasons We Need Another One

First, we’re in need of further advances.

The Revolution was ground breaking. People were pushed out of their comfort zones with such extremity, that their internal norms were shifted marginally. That shift, although minor person-to-person, had dramatic benefits. The revelatory work of many folks (from scientists to activists) made waves that rippled all the way to middle America. Because sex, at its core, is bipartisan (aka everybody fucks). 

So, the theory is, wouldn’t an even more extreme confrontation of sex push folks a little further left? And given our current climate.. isn’t that dire?

Let me count (some of) the ways… 

  1. The US is governed by authoritarians. & it’s resulting in mass behavior mimicking. 

      • And coincidentally, this personality type (as well as many societal ills: sexism, violence, economic inequities) is scientifically tied to sexual repression***.

  2. The US is more divided than ever. 

      • For a more better world, we agree that we ought to find our commonalities and discover love for each other, yes? Did you see my willingness to write a love letter for Trumpians? I’m desperate for some mutual respect (yes.. admittedly through manipulation of sensory perception.. but it is the thought that counts). I’m not saying we ought to all have a bipartisan orgy, but a revolution of sex will help us connect with an energy of love. And love begets love (also.. people who have more sex are happier**** & remember, people who are less repressed are less combative).

  3. There is fear of this work & it is growing. We’re in need of a rebutting movement.

      • This fear is made clear by new counter-intuitive censorship laws (SESTA/FOSTA).

        1. This fear is regressing sex worker freedoms to pre-revolution times. And they didn’t have many to begin with..

  4. Despite the 60/70s-era advances, gender is undoubtedly still rooted in patriarchal stereotypes.

      • For one, we need to liberate more genders than just womxn. 

          1. The last Revolution wasn’t nearly intersectional enough (but I’ll talk more on this in the 3rd Step). 

      • The powers of patriarchal ownership are alive & well, as well. 

          1. From abuse to sex trafficking, we are confronted with demonstrations of control and exploitation.

  5. The young generations haven’t benefited from an awakening. But they have benefited from the liberation. This is problematic. 

      • For one: young people are being raised with access to porn. This is their sexual education*****. This, as a concept, has potential. But in reality it sucks. Because what they’re finding perpetuates severely problematic stereotypes of gender & race, & are rooted in patriarchal toxicity. How might we expect culture to change, when we’re allowing these cycles of education to continue? 

  6. Sex (the Google search term) has been plummeting since late 2016… weird… 

If we don’t pursue repeating this cycle, we’re not only opting into stagnancy, we’re risking the backslide of global intelligence.

Second, the West is ripe for this movement. 

To see what greater humanity is willing to withstand, let’s look to our Canaries: Instagram progressives. 

Sex is ~in~ people! Expression & exploration are hip AF (even hipper than “hip” & “AF”).

Let me count (some of) the ways: 

  1. Like a teen boys mind (ug problematic stereotypes get us all!), Western Media is flush with sex-adjacent content.

        1. Television: Masters of Sex, The Deuce, Sex Education…

        2. Documentaries: Christiane Amanpour’s Sex & Love, Hot Girls Wanted, Life After Porn, even Ted Talks (shoutout Erika Lust)…

        3. Podcasts: Savage Lovecast, Death Sex & Money, F**ks Given, The Ersties Podcast… 

        4. Literature: Fifty Shades, people…. Fifty Shades.. 

  2. The binary is being ditched & people are talking about it.

    1. Young folx are identifying as queer, and genderfluid now more than ever.

  3. The last Revolution came on the coattails of a few other movements… and we’re cyclically there again. 

Signs point to a Green Light. They’re ready for it. Let’s give them the fight they’re primed for. And they’ll pull the center with. 

3rd: The Adaptations I’d Suggest 

Like in your bff’s relationships, the repetition of history is only annoying when there isn’t anything learnt from the past. 

So if we agree there is a need, and the time is right, let me propose the following…

Here is what the movement needs to do to make a greater impact: 

  • Recognizing our strategic goals, we ought to create a conscientiousness in our current liberated view of sex. The inclusion of values in a Wild West environment would draw a greater populous into the fold. Not to mention that continuing to ignore the need for a values-based sexual climate continues to riddle our environmental with more problems than the liberation even provided. The yang to this ying is imbalanced. For example: 

        • We’re perpetuating toxic masculinity, gender norms, and patriarchal standards of ownership/control/exploitation through current mass-media avenues of porn, sex work, etc. 

        • There are plenty examples of value-based (especially spirituality-based) sexuality, including: Taoist sexual arts, Native American sexual arts, environmentalism, Tantic teachings, yogic influence, and more. 

        • Abuse of the woman body is foreshadowed by the desecration of Mother Nature and our nurtured over-consumptive habits parallel our trafficking issues. 

  • And most importantly, we must approach this next revolution with intersectionality. 

        • It isn’t just “women,” nor “womxn,” who need liberation. 

        • Most other identities were overlooked in the past Revolution.

        • As were the intersections sexuality finds with health, safety, and human well being.

If you think about our Global West, and our periods of growth in sexuality, we’re teens. It’s time for a post-pubescent maturity of majority. Just like the progression of the feminist movement… it’s time for an intersectional sexual revolution.

History repeats itself.

We’re faced with the need to reinvent an old story (aka launch a new version of an old product). Who better to orchestrate that than marketers? Cause, shit, we even have data from the beta test!

*my desires, plainly, are to destroy patriarchy & toxic masculinity.

**equity of our interrelating, and compounding, identities is the eventual equity we must pursue.

*** Wilheim Reich, author of The Sexual Revolution, traced the genesis of the authoritarian personality (along with ills of modern society, such as: violence, sexism, social injustice, and economic inequities) to sexual repression. 



Also - props to Deborah Anapol Ph.D.… a Queen. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/love-without-limits/201208/what-ever-happened-the-sexual-revolution)