My feminist goals


Reform norms.

Reframe lenses.”

Words were put on the @femnfest co-organizers bodies to tell you what feminism means to us:

I am a feminist because I want to change your perspective of humans. I want you to accept the duality* of all gender identities. I want to alter “norms” and rid the biases from your lens on life.

Every person is a complex human. Yet one-sided gender-based stereotypes are plentiful.

This is especially problematic for peeps who identify as women. The nondominant gender(s) are constantly pigeonholed. And being in a hole, like a closet, is quite stifling.

My goal is to desensitize the populous to everything that shocks/awes them about womxnhood.

Since the simplest form of activism is living by example: I choose to demonstrate my duality to you. I’ll show you my proclivity to dance on raised surfaces, next to my career accomplishments. Show the internet my nipples after I’m on the news in a turtleneck. Because the duality of me might prevent your surprise from the next political candidates complexities & allow you to see her as a human by preventing your biases.

My goal is to reframe your norms until I’ve reformed your lens.

Gals: be brave. Be yourself. Help enlighten the Cultural Cruise Controllers.

My quest to deconstruct norms is directly related to @femnfest. A space & spotlight, dedicated to underrepresented voices, is destined to initiate a cultural change.

Enabling artists to get a bigger audience than is normally accessible, providing an opportunity for people to psychically see new potential for themselves (#SeeItBeIt), & altering people’s predetermined concept of performers/educators/producers.

@femnfest starts in 2 weeks. Spread the word, please?

* Truly there are more than two sides to a person. But acknowledging an absence of singularity is a starting point.

(you can see more photos on my & femnfest’s IG)

Abigail Mlinar