FEMN x Wolfskull Creative

Wolfskull Creative is a design/branding firm that is owned/operated by a woman. Michelle, the owner, is my go-to partner for collaborative projects. We've worked together for the same clients and it's always creative, rewarding, and energizing. 

Well, awhile back I had helped Michelle with some digital advertising through search PPC. We decided to make a trade - my marketing prowess for some headshots. I cashed in last month and I've NEVER been more satisfied with a photographer.

To top it off, I got something even sweeter - a stinking love letter... wolfskullcreative.com/#/femn/

Do you ever really know who you are if you never see yourself from someone else's pen? 

"You see, Abigail is the kind of woman who embodies everything one aspires to be as a young adult. She's chased her dreams, inspired a feminist collective (YUP), traveled the world, and radiates style and womanly beauty. Basically she's amazing and I'm obsessed." (read the rest here)

Michelle made me look and sound like my best self. Spend all your money with Wolfskull Creative.

Abigail Mlinar