ABOUT Abigail

Abigail Mlinar is a feminist activist, marketing strategist, and event producer. Her career has brought her through large-scale festival direction, brand management, digital marketing, and sales management. The 2016 presidential election changed her into a militant man hater (lolz jk... a reasonable, but take-no-shit, activist). She now actively works towards gender equity in every way possible: consulting with womxn business owners, facilitating a nonprofit she founded (Feminist Action Collective), assisting womxn political candidates, producing a feminist art & education festival (FEMN FEST), and writing.  

But to really know her, here is an example of her persona duality: in late 2017 she was awarded 20 Under 40 for being a young professional move/shaker, and also MVP at a battle of the bands-esque Duluth event, having never been in a band (turns out extensive karaoke experience can be useful).  


About FEMN


  • Marketing Strategy

  • Digital Marketing

  • Event Production

  • Event Marketing

abigail mlinar

Fun Facts:

  • Produced festivals with up to 350,000 attendees and international news coverage.
  • Accidentally birthed a feminist nonprofit.
  • Duluth 20 Under 40 2017.
  • Restructured many AdWords accounts, improving efficiency and (at least) doubling the ROI.
  • Had event featured on Snapchat News.
  • Designed a bag that went quasi-viral on Reddit.
  • Been on 4 Podcasts.
  • Spontaneously climbed 3 mountains.