I’m Abigail Mlinar.

I work with sex tech companies & porn directors to grow their businesses & audiences.

I have 8 years experience in strategic marketing, movement harnessing, & event direction.

And I’m motivated to shift culture & end patriarchy.


USA > Europe



At the beginning of 2019 I dropped everything in my lovely life (most of it in capable hands) to move to Europe. Why? To chase a dream & grow through the challenge of change.

Rewind back to before leaving: days before departure, I threw myself a Living Funeral to mark the end of a grand era. This era involved the accidental formation of a nonprofit pursuing gender equity (with over 2k members), a two-year run (with major growth) of a feminist music-art-education festival, and the management of marketing / sales for various womxn/genderqueer-owned companies that I admired. This was a period of self-discovery and activation of my inner goals after an intense period of career / skill building.

Rewind back further to the start of my career: my love for music and aptitude for event coordination steered me towards a person who produced stadium tours. After sharing coffee, I had an internship. My self-driven, proactive nature to help a business grow propelled my quick promotion to overseeing the direction of festivals with a quarter-million attendees. A position through which music industry giant, Ticketfly (now owned by Eventbrite), acknowledged me as a national contender in event marketing. And as capable people do, along the way I gained various soft-skills, and various hard-skills (festival direction & marketing, marketing strategy, digital marketing (ppc, search, social, email), sales management, brand management, press development).

Fast forward to mid 2016: political changes spurred a change in me & before the end of the year my life dramatically changed to the era which would later warrant a Living Funeral.

Fast forward to now & my aforementioned current dream: my mission is to use my capitalist skills for the betterment of the word by furthering my vision of an intersectional sexual revolution through the marketing of porn & sex tech.


Many Places

Fun Facts


  • Had event featured on Snapchat News

  • Designed a bag that went viral on Reddit

  • Produced festivals with up to 350,000 attendees and international news coverage

  • Accidentally birthed a feminist nonprofit & music/art festival

  • 20 Under 40, Northern Minnesota, 2017

  • Grew digital ROI's... sales... sponsorships... etc. for various companies/organizations

  • Spontaneously climbed 5 mountains